HMS Roland

First Chapter in Tenth Fleet!

Antioch, California

HMS Truculent

Seattle, Washington


HMS Artemis

Los Angeles/Santa Ana, CA



HMS Wolf

Fresno, California



HMS Black Rose

Portland, Oregon


HMS Callisto

Vancouver, British Columbia

HMS Andromeda

Everett, Washington

HMS Cerberus

Modesto, California

HMS Helen

Salem, Oregon

Welcome to the Talbott Cluster

On behalf of our commanding officer, Admiral Chrissy Killian, we’d like to welcome you to the home of the Tenth Fleet. Our fleet is part of The Royal Manticoran Navy, The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association.

Our fleet’s territory extends from California to as far north as Alaska, including the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, and out west to Hawai’i.

If you reside within our territory and are looking to join one of our many fine vessels, please visit our Order of Battle to locate a chapter nearest you.

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