List of TRMN Awards

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The following are the awards available to Manticoran naval personnel, marines, and civilians within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. This list is sortable by type and order of precedence.

For a list sorted by issuing authority, please see List of TRMN Awards by Authority.

For a list of Grayson Space Navy awards, see the Awards Manual

Order Name Abbr RMN RMMC RMA GSN IAN RHN Civ Image
1 Parliamentary Medal of Valor PMV
Parliamentary medal of valor.png
2 Queen's Cross for Bravery QCB
Queens cross for bravery.png
3 Order of the Star Kingdom KSK
Order of the star kingdom.png
4 Knight Grand Cross, Order of King Roger GCR [1]
Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Golden Lion GCGL
5 Knight Grand Cross, Order of Queen Elizabeth GCE
6 Order of Merit OM
7 Knight Commander, Order of King Roger KDR [1]
King roger two.png
Knight Commander, Order of the Golden Lion KDGL
8 Knight Commander, Order of Queen Elizabeth KDE
Queen elizabeth two.png
9 Knight Companion, Order of King Roger KCR [1]
King roger one.png
Knight Companion, Order of the Golden Lion KCGL
10 Knight Companion, Order of Queen Elizabeth KCE
Queen elizabeth one.png
11 Manticore Cross MC [2] [2]
Manticore cross.png
12 Osterman Cross OC [3] [3]
Osterman cross.png
13 Knight, Order of King Roger KR [1]
King roger one.png
Knight, Order of the Golden Lion KGL
14 Knight, Order of Queen Elizabeth KE
Queen elizabeth one.png
15 Companion, Order of King Roger CR [1]
Medal kr.png
Companion, Order of the Golden Lion CGL
16 Companion, Order of Queen Elizabeth CE
Medal qe.png
17 Saganami Cross SC [2] [2]
Saganami cross.png
18 Distinguished Gallantry Cross DGC [3] [3]
Distinguished gallantry cross.png
19 Officer, Order of King Roger OR [1]
Medal kr.png
Officer, Order of the Golden Lion OGL
20 Officer, Order of Queen Elizabeth OE
Medal qe.png
21 Order of Gallantry OG [2] [2]
Order of gallantry.png
22 Navy Star NS [3] [3]
Navy star.png
23 Distinguished Service Order DSO
Distinguished service order.png
24 Member, Order of King Roger MR [1]
King roger.png
Member, Order of the Golden Lion MGL
25 Member, Order of Queen Elizabeth ME
Queen elizabeth.png
26 Monarch's Thanks MT
Monarchs thanks.png
27 Conspicuous Gallantry Medal CGM
Conspicuous gallantry medal.png
28 The Gryphon Star GS
Gryphon star.png
29 Order of the Crown for Naval Service OCN [4] [4]
30 Wound Stripe WS
Wound stripe.png
31 Queen's Bravery Medal QBM
Queens bravery medal.png
32 Sphinx Cross[5] SXC
Sphinx cross.png
33 Royal Household Distinguished Service Medal RHDSM
34 Mentioned in Dispatches MiD
Mentioned in dispatches.png
35 Medal, Order of King Roger RM [1]
King roger.png
Medal, Order of the Golden Lion GLM
36 Medal, Order of Queen Elizabeth EM
Queen elizabeth.png
37 Conspicuous Bravery Medal CBM
Conspicuous bravery medal.png
38 Conspicuous Service Medal CSM
Conspicuous service medal.png
39 Meritorious Service Medal MSM
Meritorious service medal.png
40 Navy Commendation Decoration NCD
Navy commendation decoration.png
41 Navy/Marine Achievement Medal NMAM
Navy marine achievement medal (ribbon).png
42 List of Honor Citation LHC
List of honor citation (ribbon).png
43 Royal Unit Citation for Gallantry RUC
Royal unit citation for gallantry (ribbon).png
Protector's Unit Citation for Gallantry PUC See RUC for now.
44 Royal Meritorious Unit Citation RMU
Royal meritorious unit citation (ribbon).png
Naval Meritorious Unit Award MUA See RMU for now.
45 Fleet Excellence Award FEA
Fleet excellence award (ribbon).png
46 Prisoner of War Medal POW
Prisoner of war medal (ribbon).png
47 Survivor's Cross[5]
Survivors cross (ribbon).png
48 Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal SAPC
Silesian anti piracy campaign medal (ribbon).png
49 Masadan Occupation Medal MOM
Masadan occupation medal (ribbon).png
50 Havenite War Campaign Medal HWC
Havenite war campaign medal (ribbon).png
51 Havenite Operational Service Medal HOSM
Havenite operational service medal (ribbon).png
52 Manticore and Havenite 1905-1922 War Medal[5]
Manticore and havenite 1905-1922 war medal (ribbon).png
53 Grand Alliance Campaign Medal GACM
Grand alliance campaign medal (ribbon).png
54 King Roger III Coronation Medal KR3CM
King roger iii coronation medal (ribbon).png
55 Queen Elizabeth III Coronation Medal QE3CM
Queen elizabeth iii coronation medal (ribbon).png
56 Manticoran Combat Action Medal MCAM
Manticoran combat action medal (ribbon).png
57 Manticoran Service Medal MtSM
Manticoran service medal (ribbon).png
58 Manticoran Reserve Service Medal MRSM
Manticoran reserve service medal (ribbon).png
59 Good Conduct Medal GCM
Good conduct medal (ribbon).png
60 Space Service Deployment Ribbon SSD
Space service deployment ribbon.png
61 Naval Rifle High Expert Award RHE
Naval rifle high expert award (ribbon).png
62 Naval Pistol High Expert Award PHE
Naval pistol high expert award (ribbon).png
63 Naval Rifle Expert Award RE
Naval rifle expert award (ribbon).png
64 Naval Pistol Expert Award PE
Naval pistol expert award (ribbon).png
65 Naval Rifle Sharpshooter Award RS
Naval rifle sharpshooter award (ribbon).png
66 Naval Pistol Sharpshooter Award PS
Naval pistol sharpshooter award (ribbon).png
67 Naval Rifle Marksman Certificate RMC -- no ribbon--
68 Naval Pistol Marksman Certificate PMC --no ribbon--
69 Recruit Training Ribbon RTR
Recruit training (ribbon).png
70 Non-Commissioned Officers Senior Course Ribbon NCOSCR
Non-commissioned officers senior course (ribbon).png
71 Armed Forces Service Medal AFSM
Armed forces service medal.png


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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Awarded to Commissioned and Warrant Officers only
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 Awarded to Enlisted Members (not including Warrant Officers) only.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Awarded to officers of senior rank, O-6B and above.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Awaiting Future Expansion per the Awards Manual (2014 Edition).

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