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The Barony of Grosvenor is a peerage title awarded by The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

The peerage was awarded to the then Deputy Director of Operations (C-20 Civilian Intelligence) Sir Wayne Bruns, at the final Honorcon, in October 2017.

Barony of Grosvenor

# Name Elevated Rank
1 Sir Wayne Bruns October 2017 Baron

Baronial Staff

Estate Staff

  • Butler (Eddy Roberts) – This person is the Head of Household, effectively the Executive Officer of the household. They run the estate and the rest of the staff reports to them.
  • Estate Security (Frank Piedra Gonzalez) – This person is a member of the Armed Forces who has taken additional role to act as Security for the Baron/Baroness. For this role *only* this does not count against the Hat Rule as described by Admiralty Order 1602-02.
  • Estate Security Assistant (Rebekah Roberts)
  • Zookeeper (Suzie Buck) This person is in charge of the Grosvenor Zoo.
  • Aircar Pilot (Max Cameron) – Provides transport for the Baron/Baroness. Reports to Estate Security.
  • Footman/woman (Rose Pernod) – Controls access to the Estate. Reports to the Under Butler.
  • Maid (Samirah Johnstone) Maintains the cleanliness of the Estate. Reports to the Housekeeper.

Kitchen Staff

  • Chef de Cuisine (Jane Dusek) This person manages the kitchens of the estate.
  • Sous Chef (Shawn Merrow) Prepares the dishes as directed by the Chef de Cuisine.
  • Pastry Chef (Lyndsey Ashman) – Prepares Pastries and lite snack such as tea for the family and guests, as directed by the Chef de Cuisine.

Coat of arms of the Lord Grosvenor

Grosvenor arms.png


Azure a dragon rampant Gules armed and langued Or on a chief Gules a lamp between five mullets of four points Or.


The escutcheon is ensigned with a baron's coronet.


Willingness is the Key


The armiger is a fire dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. The lamp represents his work in education, and the stars represent the five marathons he has run. The blue and red colors allude to Super Grover, a pun on the Grosvenor name. The motto is a slogan used in the recovery community.

Geographical description of territory

Grovesnor is located in the Northeastern part of Landing City, and is part of the Duchy of Vauxhall Cross. It is among the smallest of baronies in terms of land area. However, its population is slightly above the population average for baronial territories.

Grosvenor contains some of the most valuable real estate in Landing City: The Grosvenor Casino, Cassandora Business Tower, Grovesnor House Manticore, and Club Nueva Ibiza are its most famous landmarks.

The urban landscape of Grosvenor, is filled with sculptures, fountains, and running trails. There are multiple paths in the barony. Many are elevated over busy intersections, while others go underground, and several are built alongside the office buildings, in enclosed run ways.

Multiple parks, artfully maintained by renowned landscape artists, are found within the Barony, the most famous of which are the English Gardens of Westminster Park, the Japanese Garden of the Tokugawa market, and the Beowulfian Arboretum.

The majority of the barony’s residents are individuals that work within Landing City, notably in real estate, Hennesy Terminus trade, Talbot Quadrant trade, Government, hotel, orbital mining, and the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine.

Imperatrix, a 350 story apartment complex, has attracted a large number of Navy, Marine, and Army personnel. Imperatrix offers some of the lowest rent figures in the Star Kingdom for active service members.

Although the area appears to be opulent, the Barony sees modest annual revenues. The previous Baroness of Grovesnor, lost a significant amount of money, in an Erowhonese ponzi scheme. Although she was incarcerated occurred six T-years ago, her financial misadventures are still felt in Grosvenor. Several 8 figure loans were taken from the equity of Grovesnor House Manticore, and the Cassandora Business Tower. All to pay off exorbitant legal fees, and an unsuccessful effort to pay a high bail amount. It will take several years to pay off the loans.

The new Baron Grosvenor is a transplant from the Cappanarrow Duchy on Gryphon, and serves as the 2nd ranking official of the Home Office. It is rumored that his elevation to Baron Grosvenor, came with the expectation that he root out the previous Baroness’ corrupt business clientele. Whatever the case, the Grosvenor area has regained its place in the House of Lords