Royal Manticoran Merchant Fleet Academy

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The Royal Manticoran Merchant Fleet Academy is the branch of BuTrain administering training to members of the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine.

Courses Available

The following courses were available from the Enlisted College, as of February 2014[1]:

Course Name Prerequisite
Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine - Enlisted Courses
SIA-RMMM-0001 Basic Spacer Training TRMN Membership
SIA-RMMM-0002 General Spacer Training 2 SIA-RMMM-0001
SIA-RMMM-0003 General Spacer Training 3 SIA-RMMM-0002
SIA-RMMM-0004 General Spacer Training 4 SIA-RMMM-0003
SIA-RMMM-0005 General Spacer Training 5 SIA-RMMM-0004
  1. Bureau of Training - Student Manual Version 2.0