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This is the Organization Portal. You can find links to pages that describe various areas of the Organization of The Royal Manticoran Navy. If you're looking for other areas, please go back to the homepage and consult the portals there.

The Royal Manticoran Navy Fan Association is made up of various navies and groups. These are listed below:

Members can be a member of one of these, and more information about each can be found on their pages.

For ease of management, chapters in TRMN are divided into Fleet and Station areas, allowing chapters that are geographically close to each other to communicate. More information can be found on the List of RMN Numbered Fleets page.

The current Fleets are:

The current Stations are:

Management is handled through various bureaus, which each manage a particular area of TRMN. In addition to these, each branch and allied navy will have staffs, some of which will liaise with the bureaus.

  • First Lord of the Admiralty - FLA - The FLA is the President of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. and overall leader of the organization.
  • First Space Lord - 1SL - The 1SL acts as the Chief of Naval Operations, and leads the Bureaus as well as all of the numbered fleets within the navy.
  • Bureau of Planning - BuPlan - BuPlan is responsible for the marketing, event planning, and recruitment and is run by the Second Space Lord (2SL).
  • Bureau of Ships - BuShips - BuShips is responsible for the disposition of all ship Chapters within TRMN including commissioning, decommissioning, and changes and is run by the Third Space Lord (3SL).
  • Bureau of Communications - BuComm - BuComm is responsible for all Communications for TRMN, including web services and the Forums and is run by the Fourth Space Lord (4SL).
  • Bureau of Personnel - BuPers - BuPers is responsible for the disposition of all members of TRMN including applications, transfers, adjustments of rank, and billeting. The MEDUSA database is also managed by the BuPers staff. BuPers is run by the Fifth Space Lord (5SL).
  • Bureau of Training - BuTrain - BuTrain is responsible for the training of all members of TRMN and runs the academies and is run by the Sixth Space Lord (6SL).
  • Bureau of Supply - BuSup - BuSup is responsible for the production of canon uniform items for TRMN, swag and merchandise items, as well as managing the online store where those items are sold. It is run by the Seventh Space Lord (7SL).