Manticore Cross

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Manticore Cross (MC)
Manticore cross.png
Authority: First Lord of the Admiralty
Frequency: Once per calendar year
Branches: RMN, RMMC (Officers Only)
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The Manticore Cross (abbrev: MC) is the highest award for gallantry, awarded to commissioned and warrant officers of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. Honorees within canon include Franklin Casey[1] (the first recpient), Carleton Locatelli[2], Richard Maxwell[3], Lady Dame Honor Harrington[4], Captain Thoma[5], Sir Aivars Terekhov[6], and Michael Oversteegen[7].

TRMN Information

This award is the highest award for gallantry issued in the Royal Manticoran Navy and Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. This award is only available to officers and warrant officers in the and RMMC. The criteria for this award is exceptional service to the RMN or RMMC in general, either by a) demonstrating consistently outstanding performance over time, or b) by performing a particular task or service to a high standard of excellence above and beyond the call of duty. The recipient is entitled to the post nominal letters of ‘MC’.


  • FADM Dame Laura Lochen, MC, Duchess Split Rock, Baroness La Mancha, (First Space Lord) (Awarded four times)
  • LTGEN Sir Daniel Walker, MC, Earl Mars-Evans, (HMS Werewolf CLAC-28)
  • VADM Sir John Neitz, MC, Duke Westmarch, (HMS Invincible SD-455)
  • CAPTSG Dame Elisa Randall, MC, Countess New Cumbria, (HMS Invincible SD-455)
  • CAPTSG Dame Jill McTavish, MC, Countess, Miyake-jima, (HMS Valkyrie SD-355)
  • RADM Sir Joseph Harney, MC, Baron Dondonald, (Bureau of Supply)
  • CAPTSG Sir Joe Hinson, MC, (HMS Wolf CA-429)
  • Sir Oliver Kindzorra, MC, (RHNS Acheron DD-2962)
  • KDS Mark Morgan, MC, (HMS Werewolf CLAC-28) (Twice awarded)
  • RADM Sir Zachary White, MC, (Bureau of Ships) (Twice awarded)
  • CAPTSG Angela Clayton, MC, (HMS Saladin DD-515)
  • CDR Sir Drew Drentlaw, MC, Baron Glencairn (Bureau of Communications)
  • CRDE Andrew Harper, MC, (Bureau of Planning)
  • CAPTJG Thomas Hathaway IV, MC, (HMS Ajax BC-545)
  • KDS Sir David Westover, MC, (Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie)
  • KDS Sir Nathan Balyeat, MC, (SMS Scharnhorst SD-227)
  • LTGEN Sir Michael Houghtaling, MC, Baron Sutherland, (HMS Guadalcanal LPH-02)
  • ADM Sir Robert Bulkeley, MC, Duke Mountain View, Earl New Essex, (Basilisk Fleet)
  • GADM Sir Philipp Wohlrab, MC, Baron Baudenvost, (Imperial Andermani Navy)
  • CAPTSG Sir Jeremy Carsten, MC, (Office of the High Admiral)
  • BRGEN George Farmer, MC (Camp Maastricht)
  • CAPTSG Sir William Knight, MC, Earl White Lion, (HMS Implacable SD-467)
  • GEN Dame Shirley Kunz, MC, (Marine Forces Command)
  • RADM Sir Colin Lloyd, MC, Baron New Ayres, (Bureau of Training)
  • RADM Sir Eddy Roberts, MC, (HMS Invictus SD-406)
  • CDRE Zach Perkins, MC, (HMS Penelope BC-585)
  • CAPTJG Sir Patrick Lindsley, MC, (Bureau of Training)
  • FMSHL Sir Joseph Grieco, MC, Baron Coopers Lake, (Office of the Commandant RMMC)
  • CAPT Sir Patrick McKinnion. MC, (HMS Andromeda BC-571)
  • LGEN Sir Daniel Walker, MC, Earl Mars-Evans, (HMS Werewolf CLAC-28)
  • RADM Dame Cheryl Krause, MC, Baroness New Hastings (Bureau of Planning)
  • RADM Sir David Misener, MC, (Bureau of Personnel)
  • CDRE Sir Tracy Newby, MC, (Bureau of Personnel)
  • CDR Elizabeth Davis, MC (HMS Chimera CLAC-07)
  • RADM Sir Sherman Day, MC, (Task Force 22)
  • CAPTSG Dame Danielle Erikson, MC, (HMS Glaive CA-50)
  • RADM Sir Doss Buckalew, MC, Baron New Greyhawke, (Bureau of Communications) (Twice Awarded)
  • CDR Sir Michael Henigan, MC, (HMS Achiles BC-549)
  • CAPTSG Sir Benjamin Wagner, MC, Baron Eboracum, (Bureau of Supply)
  • RADM Sir Michael Timko, MC, (Bureau of Communications)
  • LTSG Sir Phil Culmer, MC, (HMS Pegasus CLAC-026)
  • CAPTSG Sir Mir Plemmons, MC, (Battlecruiser Division 961)
  • VADM Dame Diane Bulkeley, MC, Duchess Mountain View, Second Countess New Essex, (Bureau of Communications) (Fifth awarded)
  • CAPTSG Tammy Schoonover, MC, (HMS Guadalcanal LPH-02)
  • RADM Sir Christopher Thompson, MC, (Bureau of Ships) (Thrice Awarded)
  • CAPTJG Dame Cindy Epard, MC, Baroness Cape Fear, (HMS Werewolf CLAC-28)
  • LTJG Kristina Gordon, MC, (HMS Werewolf CLAC-28)
  • RADM Sir Garret Bitker, MC, Baron Silver Lake, (Manticore Central Control)
  • RADM Dame Christa Brolley, MC, Countess New Dover, (Bureau of Training)
  • CAPTSG Sir Jamie Salsberg, MC, (HMS Invincible SD-455)
  • CAPTSG Dame Dora Erikson, MC, (HMS Glaive CA-50)
  • VADM Dame Cindy Van Wyhe, MC, Baroness Long Beach (Office of the FLA)
  • CAPTJG Sir Don Hackett, MC, (HMS Valkyrie SD-355)
  • COL Sonja Wolf, MC, (MARDET Invincible)
  • GEN Sir TJ Allen, MC, (King William’s Tower)
  • RADM Sir Rob Marshall, MC, Baron New Halifax (Bureau of Communications)
  • CDRE Dame Lori Bonilla, MC, (Bureau of Communications)


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